I have pushed myself mentally. I have studied books, languages, history, science, cultures, people, and things; all in the prusute of knowlage. Only to find myself stuck in a loop revisiting the same things I already know.

I have pushed myself spiritually. Giving time, money, relationships, and health; all in the presuit of holieness. Only to find meself questioning.

I have pushed myself creatively. Creating art in painting, music, writing, and speaking; all in the presuit of enlightenment. Only to find myself platueing and growing stagnent.

Wirh all these things I have found myself at a loss when confronted with pushing past the barriers. How do you gain passion for learning? How do you answer the age old questions of god? How do you become more creative?

Physically I have the solution. I have never in my life pushed myself physically. In any sport I have hit a wall and given up, all the time knowing how to get through the barrier; putting your head down and pushing.

This is what I will do.